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An Overview Of Student Tax Credits, Benefits & Deductions By Randall Hancock

One of the harbingers of fall is the beginning of school. Parents everywhere are rejoicing (with a healthy seasoning of the bittersweet in realizing again that the kids keep getting older!), and the school buses are starting to get busy around here.

And perhaps naturally, the federal and state governments are interested in our citizenry becoming more educated, and there are a variety of resources and regulations out there that I wanted to let you know about.

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13 Reasons The Taxman Fears Laura J Hanlon CPA

As I was scanning the news this past week, and seeing the *continued* doom and gloom in our 24-7 world, the glut of “experts” who clamor for your inbox and your attention, and the unfortunate reality of our scattered, modern age … well, I just thought you should have a better idea about who would be guiding your finances and your tax strategy through all the noise.

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Hanlon CPA’s Top 10 Tax Document Checklist (Again)

With the increased penalties associated with the ACA in 2016, and all of the other changes every year, filing your taxes on your own is becoming much less ‘fun’ for regular taxpayers — even with nice-looking softwares on the market which purport to make it easy for you.

I truly do pity those inexperienced ones who try to muddle through all of the different codes and forms on their own,without devoting even a week’s labor to the transaction.It really doesn’t pay to “go it alone” for certain tasks.

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Laura J Hanlon CPA On How To Handle A Lost W2

By now, you should have received most of your tax documentation. If organizations haven’t sent you the necessary paperwork by now, then they are subject to certain consequences.

Unfortunately, these consequences don’t often carry much teeth for employers and sometimes HR departments or very small businesses don’t get their act together (probably because someone competent isn’t helping them! ahem), and … the W2’s take a while.

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Laura J Hanlon CPA On Hidden Fees Behind Popular Tax Chain’s “Free” Tax Prep

For various liability issues, I’m loathe to actually mention this company by name, but let’s say (for the purposes of this conversation) that there’s a big, popular company who made its fortune on the backs of lower-income taxpayers called H&P Black (a name picked completely at random). This company is flooding the airwaves with a brand new program offering “free” tax prep for federal and $9.99 for state.

Maybe you’ve heard about it? Well, like many such things, there are, shall we say … strings.

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Laura Hanlon On Reclaiming Control Over Your Taxes

Our Central Arkansas tax preparation clients who filed with us this year already feel the peace-of-mind that you were able to claim every possible deduction which is legally allowed in the tax code for 2013. After all, we put each return through an extensive review process to ensure you keep as much of your hard-earned income as the IRS allows.

But what about your Central Arkansas friends? And what about your previous years?

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Central Arkansas Tax Preparation Firm Explains What To Do After Your Return Is Filed

Whether you used us or not, the monkey is now off your back and your return is filed (hoepfully!). At least, of course, if you didn’t file for an extension.

It does feel nice, even if more money was owed than you would like … because it *is* completed, after all.

But that doesn’t mean you may not still have questions. Here are some common ones we get this week here in Central Arkansas …

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