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Hanlon CPA’s Top 10 Tax Document Checklist (Again)

With the increased penalties associated with the ACA in 2016, and all of the other changes every year, filing your taxes on your own is becoming much less ‘fun’ for regular taxpayers — even with nice-looking softwares on the market which purport to make it easy for you.

I truly do pity those inexperienced ones who try to muddle through all of the different codes and forms on their own,without devoting even a week’s labor to the transaction.It really doesn’t pay to “go it alone” for certain tasks.

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Laura J Hanlon CPA On How To Handle A Lost W2

By now, you should have received most of your tax documentation. If organizations haven’t sent you the necessary paperwork by now, then they are subject to certain consequences.

Unfortunately, these consequences don’t often carry much teeth for employers and sometimes HR departments or very small businesses don’t get their act together (probably because someone competent isn’t helping them! ahem), and … the W2’s take a while.

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‘This is a Final Notice From The IRS’ Phone Scam, and Other Warnings From Laura J Hanlon CPA

In case you didn’t already realize it, “tax season” (as we professionals refer to it) is a ripe harvest for spammers, scammers, phishers and con artists of every stripe.

When you pause and consider, it makes sense. After all, we’re dealing with A) significant sums of money (and information about it) PLUS B) fear (and loathing) of the IRS.

So if and when you get a voice mail purporting to be from the IRS, it makes sense that it might throw you off a little.

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Laura J Hanlon CPA On Hidden Fees Behind Popular Tax Chain’s “Free” Tax Prep

For various liability issues, I’m loathe to actually mention this company by name, but let’s say (for the purposes of this conversation) that there’s a big, popular company who made its fortune on the backs of lower-income taxpayers called H&P Black (a name picked completely at random). This company is flooding the airwaves with a brand new program offering “free” tax prep for federal and $9.99 for state.

Maybe you’ve heard about it? Well, like many such things, there are, shall we say … strings.

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Central Arkansas Tax Preparer On: Tax Extensions, Demystified

There is a lot of confusion in the Central Arkansas tax preparation orbit, every year, about extensions — so here’s what they’re REALLY about…

As you know, Tuesday, April 15th is the filing deadline for a federal tax return. If you need more time to get your paperwork complete, you need to file (or have us file on your behalf) Form 4868 with the IRS by the end of the day on the 15th. This gives you an automatic six-month (until October 15, 2014) extension of time to file.

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Hanlon's Tax Time Checklist (Again)

In early January, I sent a “checklist” email to our Central Arkansas tax preparation business list (and if you’re not receiving our weekly emails, you really should fill out the quick form here on this page to receive a copy of one of our free reports — we’ll add you to our list as well, so you’ll be the among the first to receive important updates and exclusive offers from us), and it was one of our most popular messages. I guess it was handy!

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