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Seven Free Tips For Identity Theft Protection For Conway Individuals & Families

Yes, commonly-advertised identity theft protection services for regular Conway families can seem like an easy button. But the problem is that many of these products are unnecessary or ineffective, or they duplicate things you can do yourself — for free.

Here are some basic things you can set into place right now, which will cover you in the vast majority of circumstances:

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Common Sense Online Security for Conway Families

I’ll spare you the horror stories about the terrible things that can happen if you’re not careful online (but there are plenty if you want to google them).

We tax professionals recently received a notice from the IRS about how we are an increasingly ripe target for identity thieves and scammers. In New York state alone, the tax department has stopped more than 330,000 suspicious personal income tax refunds, catching nearly $500 million in attempted tax refund fraud.

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‘This is a Final Notice From The IRS’ Phone Scam, and Other Warnings From Laura J Hanlon CPA

In case you didn’t already realize it, “tax season” (as we professionals refer to it) is a ripe harvest for spammers, scammers, phishers and con artists of every stripe.

When you pause and consider, it makes sense. After all, we’re dealing with A) significant sums of money (and information about it) PLUS B) fear (and loathing) of the IRS.

So if and when you get a voice mail purporting to be from the IRS, it makes sense that it might throw you off a little.

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