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Four Key Recordkeeping Principles For Conway Families To Protect You In The Case Of An Audit

With the election brewing around us, Congress isn’t doing *anything* right now about tax legislation … so, as usual, there will be some last-minute treats for us by the end of the year in the tax code. But the very good news for you (and all of our Conway tax preparation clients) is that we pay close attention to these things so you don’t have to.

And it’s a good thing we do pay attention. Many of our clients have never received that dreadful notice from the IRS, initiating an audit — or, much worse, the KNOCK on the door! If you never have, you probably don’t keep much financial documentation.

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Laura J Hanlon CPA’s Tax Planning Strategy For 2016

Believe it or not, now is the time to start making sure that you’ll be ready for a few months from now, when 2016 tax time is upon us.

Generally speaking, you should keep any and all documents that may have an impact on your federal tax return. Individual Conway taxpayers should usually keep the following records and supporting items on their tax returns for at least three years:

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Common Sense Online Security for Conway Families

I’ll spare you the horror stories about the terrible things that can happen if you’re not careful online (but there are plenty if you want to google them).

We tax professionals recently received a notice from the IRS about how we are an increasingly ripe target for identity thieves and scammers. In New York state alone, the tax department has stopped more than 330,000 suspicious personal income tax refunds, catching nearly $500 million in attempted tax refund fraud.

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13 Reasons The Taxman Fears Laura J Hanlon CPA

As I was scanning the news this past week, and seeing the *continued* doom and gloom in our 24-7 world, the glut of “experts” who clamor for your inbox and your attention, and the unfortunate reality of our scattered, modern age … well, I just thought you should have a better idea about who would be guiding your finances and your tax strategy through all the noise.

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Laura J Hanlon CPA’s Tax Extension Tips

Here’s the deal: An “Extension of Time to File” is not an “Extension of Time to Pay”, unfortunately. The Extension simply gives you an automatic six months of additional time to get your paperwork together and file that return. But, if you owe more than what you paid with your estimate, you’ll be accumulating penalties and interest on the difference — so PLEASE don’t take the entire six months to do this!

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‘This is a Final Notice From The IRS’ Phone Scam, and Other Warnings From Laura J Hanlon CPA

In case you didn’t already realize it, “tax season” (as we professionals refer to it) is a ripe harvest for spammers, scammers, phishers and con artists of every stripe.

When you pause and consider, it makes sense. After all, we’re dealing with A) significant sums of money (and information about it) PLUS B) fear (and loathing) of the IRS.

So if and when you get a voice mail purporting to be from the IRS, it makes sense that it might throw you off a little.

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Central Arkansas Tax Preparer On: Tax Extensions, Demystified

There is a lot of confusion in the Central Arkansas tax preparation orbit, every year, about extensions — so here’s what they’re REALLY about…

As you know, Tuesday, April 15th is the filing deadline for a federal tax return. If you need more time to get your paperwork complete, you need to file (or have us file on your behalf) Form 4868 with the IRS by the end of the day on the 15th. This gives you an automatic six-month (until October 15, 2014) extension of time to file.

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Hanlon's Tax Time Checklist (Again)

In early January, I sent a “checklist” email to our Central Arkansas tax preparation business list (and if you’re not receiving our weekly emails, you really should fill out the quick form here on this page to receive a copy of one of our free reports — we’ll add you to our list as well, so you’ll be the among the first to receive important updates and exclusive offers from us), and it was one of our most popular messages. I guess it was handy!

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Healthcare - It's Not Too Late

Whether you need assistance enrolling for individual coverage, small business, or group coverage, David Dundee is your man.  Or, if you just want to know what your options are even if you have employer provided insurance.  And, if being added to your spouse’s plan seems way too costly without the best benefits,he can help you weigh your options.Together, David & I will help you navigate the new law, taxes, and healthcare.

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