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The Complexity of Social Security Benefits For Conway Retirees

Like most government law, Social Security is not a simple piece of legislation. Since the Social Security Act became law in 1935, hundreds of amendments have been piled onto it, and have thereby added to the complexity. So to make the best decision about how to file for it, you’ll need to consider four things: 1) health, 2) income before retirement and 3) income during retirement, and 4) taxes.

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Healthcare - It's Not Too Late

Whether you need assistance enrolling for individual coverage, small business, or group coverage, David Dundee is your man.  Or, if you just want to know what your options are even if you have employer provided insurance.  And, if being added to your spouse’s plan seems way too costly without the best benefits,he can help you weigh your options.Together, David & I will help you navigate the new law, taxes, and healthcare.

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