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Laura J Hanlon CPA’s Breakdown of the Candidates Tax Plans

Since Presidents are not responsible for writing tax policy, these plans indicate more about their respective visions for government, and how Mr. Trump or Mrs. Clinton would work with Congress to enact their particular visions. Neither one, if elected, would be (by law) vested with the power to make all of this happen by the stroke of a pen.

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Four Key Recordkeeping Principles For Conway Families To Protect You In The Case Of An Audit

With the election brewing around us, Congress isn’t doing *anything* right now about tax legislation … so, as usual, there will be some last-minute treats for us by the end of the year in the tax code. But the very good news for you (and all of our Conway tax preparation clients) is that we pay close attention to these things so you don’t have to.

And it’s a good thing we do pay attention. Many of our clients have never received that dreadful notice from the IRS, initiating an audit — or, much worse, the KNOCK on the door! If you never have, you probably don’t keep much financial documentation.

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