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The Heart Behind Year-End Giving – Laura J Hanlon CPA’s Three Key Ideas

For YOU, we don’t have much more time to do something meaningful for your upcoming tax bill.

By that I mean that we are ONE MONTH away from year-end. That’s one month away from taking positive (instead of reactive) steps to affect your 2016 tax burden (with the exception of IRA contributions and a few various backdating strategies that are allowed).

So here’s a quick and dirty tax plan:

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Operation Rising Eagle!

It has been a very tough week here in Arkansas, and specifically our home county – Faulkner County.  The mix of emotions everyone is experiencing is a lot to process!  Isn’t it beautiful to see how everyone pulls together to help those most affected by the tornado.  

There are many ways to show support:  helping with cleanup efforts, donating items, donating money, prayers, and many more.

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