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Operation Rising Eagle!

It has been a very tough week here in Arkansas, and specifically our home county – Faulkner County.  The mix of emotions everyone is experiencing is a lot to process!  Isn’t it beautiful to see how everyone pulls together to help those most affected by the tornado.  

There are many ways to show support:  helping with cleanup efforts, donating items, donating money, prayers, and many more.

I recently learned that Team Rubicon has deployed multiple Veteran Emergency Response Teams to Faulkner County to assist with recovery efforts and that we can be a part of their team.

Help me raise money for veterans responding to this disaster by donating to my campaign – HANLON CPA: OPERATION RISING EAGLE. Our goal is $5000.  I opened the fundraising with a 10% contribution of $500.  If each of you gives just $20, we will meet our goal!! Every little bit counts!

What’s really cool about Team Rubicon is that 100% of your online donation goes toward the operation on the ground. They even have a money back guarantee!

Thank you for your support in helping our neighbors rebuild their towns, neighborhoods, businesses, homes and lives!

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