Laura J. Hanlon


New Strategy Posts for your Finances

Boy (or girl!) will you love this…

Summer is here!  Well, almost…the Summer Solstice (and first day of summer!) is June 21.  Hard to believe the year is almost half over.  Or, for those optimists like myself, we still have a whole half year to go in 2014!  

I have a treat for you.  As you may remember, we added financial services to our practice last year.  We have been able to help many of you lay out a plan to reach your financial goals, one step at a time.  Can’t wait to help some more of you, your friends, and families!  I truly love helping people, and it makes me feel so happy when I see others happy.

I will be out of the office next week at a seminar on HealthCare taxes (aren’t you jealous???).  Don’t worry…I won’t share anymore about this right now.

While I am out, I have a little “homework” assignment for those of you who are interested in reaching financial freedom.

That’s it!  Easy enough, huh??    Let me hear back from you over the next week.

To you, your friends’ & your family’s FINANCIAL GOALS,

Laura J. Hanlon, CPA